Go on and ask!

ok so a simple message here is go on and ask!

I will explain, for many years I would class myself as a landscape photographer and not at all looking to produce portraits. Times change, and I am no longer traipsing through woods photographing trees. So if I am classing the work I am doing as more documentary in nature (as opposed to documenting the landscape) I am going to have to photograph people.

Rather than capturing people in a candid fashion I do tell my students to ask their subjects instead. I had to do a project in my second year of degree to stop people and take their photo, so I thought I would pluck up the courage myself and do it again.

Here are some new portraits


Ed Ruscha at the Tate Modern

I visited the Tate modern a week ago, mostly I was there just browsing and enjoying the building and being with friends.

I did though while I was there go and see the Ed Ruscha room and look at his images of car parks from above. Wonderfully presented Square images in a grid on the wall

Ed Ruscha is quite an inspiration for photographers in general, I find his photography work a good balance of straightforwardness and beauty.

My Ideal Camera Kit

So I have asked my L2 & L3 to research their Ideal Camera Kit, I thought I would have a go too!

This is hard as there are so many cameras lenses etc!

I am also aware of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome!) and I do think that you can get a lot more from less equipment. I was at the Tate Modern and ended up getting “Life in 50mm: The Photographer’s Lens” which topic is well just about using the one lens.

“Life in 50mm: The Photographer’s Lens”

so i have mentioned in a previous post I have a few cameras, quite happy at the moment using the Nikon F3 with the standard lens (50mm 1.8) and the Rolleiflex (which has a 80mm 2.8 lens, equivalent to standard in 35mm terms)

What do I lust after though?

I would love to use Medium Format Digital, which would be the FUJIFILM GFX 50R. A rangefinder style digital with a whopping large size 51.4MP sensor!)



A super upgrade for my Sony A7ii and have the Sony A7R iv a small sized full frame camera with a 61MP sensor

Sony A7r iv

Film camera wise, I owned before and would love to get again a Mamiya 7 Medium Format film camera. Decent size 6×7 negative rangefinder camera with super sharp lenses. I have seen mint condition coming from Japan for £2000 (add tax when into uk of 20%).

Mamiya 7ii


Money no object a leica, here is the Leica M10-D Black Camera Body a digital rangefinder with no screen to review your images!

For the small sum of £6500! (and I would still need a lens!)

Leica M10-D


I could go on, but I think I will leave it there!

Some images from the first roll out of my Nikon F3

I have recently been streamlining my hobbies, which has led to me selling my bikes and buying more cameras including the Nikon F3. I am not going to do a review of it (it’s great!) as there are loads done already. It’s certainly a great camera to use and works perfectly.

Here are some of the images in a video below

Some images from the first roll out of my Nikon F3

My Courses in September!

So I have three courses starting in September; the one term length course: Adobe Photography Pack: Lightroom and Photoshop, and my year -long courses: The Morley Photography Course Level 2 & 3.

Here are some links to the Morley College website




take a look at some of the work produced last year

The Year-long courses are absolutely great for if you want to get stuck in and have the structure of having to produce work each week, meet other students who are interested in the same thing and have fun!

My Cameras

I have a few cameras…

Rolleiflex 2.8f
It’s so beautiful I love it!
Purchased recently and it’s in such wonderful condition for a camera that was made in the 1960s!
Wista 45sp 5X4 large format
The camera I used for most of my Degree and Masters, wonderful precision and sharpness
Olympus OM2
I seem to be purchasing cameras recently that I have owned before, and my original OM2 was my first camera I purchased
Nikon F3
Another great camera, I have not had long, a little heavy as its so well constructed and looks amazing
Harman Titan 5X4in Pinhole
A really fun camera I have had for a while but not used enough
Lomo LCA (I also have a LOMO LCA+)
Purchased recently and the images it produces have quite a unique look
Fuji Instax Mini
A fun size instant camera
Fuji Instax Wide
Fuji’s larger sized instant, and the camera is quite large!
Holga 120
Have not used in a while, has a very cheap lens and made of plastic
Sony RX100
Nice small compact camera
Fuji X100t
Absolutely amazing camera and a joy to use
Sony A7ii & Sony/Zeiss 35mm Lens
such a great full frame digital with great lens in a small package

Who are you? I hear you say!


I am a photographer and tutor of photography at Morley College in London.


2009 –  University of Brighton – MA in Photography

2006  – University of Wales Newport – PGCE In Further Education and Training

2002 –  University of Brighton – BA Hons Editorial Photography (2-1)

1997 –  Guildford College of FE & HE – BTEC National Diploma In Photography

Teaching Experience

I taught at a Coleg Gwent a Further Education College during my Teaching Training and for a year after graduating from my PGCE. I left this role to study at Masters level and soon after gained a position teaching adults at Morley College where i have been for 8 years. I have setup and run numerous courses from:

Advanced Digital SLR Workshop, Beginners’ Digital Photography, Beginners’ Digital SLR Photography, Beginners’ Studio Photography, City and Guilds Photo Imaging Level 2, City and Guilds Photo Imaging Level 3, Digital SLR Intensive, How to Produce and Publish Your Own Photo book, Intermediate Digital SLR Photography, Landscape Photography 4-Week Course, Landscape Photography Weekend, Lightroom for Photographers, Lightroom for Photographers Intensive, Photography, Personal Project Development, Photography Composition Skills, Photoshop Elements, Portfolio Building Course, Portraiture Photography Using Camera Speedlights and Studio Flash, Studio Basics Intensive, Studio Portraiture, Web Promotion for Photographers, and more…

I now mostly teach the year long Level 2 & 3 Photography Courses, and term long Camera Skills courses, I enjoy teaching all levels, especially enjoy helping individuals develop their skills over a period of time.

Find my teaching at Morley College here

My Photography

I have mostly focussed on landscape photography as that genre is what i am most passionate about, connecting my love of photography interlinked with connecting with the wider world around me.

I have through my education and teaching practiced and experimented in different genres and techniques, I enjoy playing with photography and even though my landscape work is what i show and promote I enjoy all types of photography and I enjoy always learning.

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