My Ideal Camera Kit

So I have asked my L2 & L3 to research their Ideal Camera Kit, I thought I would have a go too!

This is hard as there are so many cameras lenses etc!

I am also aware of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome!) and I do think that you can get a lot more from less equipment. I was at the Tate Modern and ended up getting “Life in 50mm: The Photographer’s Lens” which topic is well just about using the one lens.

“Life in 50mm: The Photographer’s Lens”

so i have mentioned in a previous post I have a few cameras, quite happy at the moment using the Nikon F3 with the standard lens (50mm 1.8) and the Rolleiflex (which has a 80mm 2.8 lens, equivalent to standard in 35mm terms)

What do I lust after though?

I would love to use Medium Format Digital, which would be the FUJIFILM GFX 50R. A rangefinder style digital with a whopping large size 51.4MP sensor!)



A super upgrade for my Sony A7ii and have the Sony A7R iv a small sized full frame camera with a 61MP sensor

Sony A7r iv

Film camera wise, I owned before and would love to get again a Mamiya 7 Medium Format film camera. Decent size 6×7 negative rangefinder camera with super sharp lenses. I have seen mint condition coming from Japan for £2000 (add tax when into uk of 20%).

Mamiya 7ii


Money no object a leica, here is the Leica M10-D Black Camera Body a digital rangefinder with no screen to review your images!

For the small sum of £6500! (and I would still need a lens!)

Leica M10-D


I could go on, but I think I will leave it there!

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I am a photographer and tutor of photography at Morley college London

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