My Cameras

I have a few cameras…

Rolleiflex 2.8f
It’s so beautiful I love it!
Purchased recently and it’s in such wonderful condition for a camera that was made in the 1960s!
Wista 45sp 5X4 large format
The camera I used for most of my Degree and Masters, wonderful precision and sharpness
Olympus OM2
I seem to be purchasing cameras recently that I have owned before, and my original OM2 was my first camera I purchased
Nikon F3
Another great camera, I have not had long, a little heavy as its so well constructed and looks amazing
Harman Titan 5X4in Pinhole
A really fun camera I have had for a while but not used enough
Lomo LCA (I also have a LOMO LCA+)
Purchased recently and the images it produces have quite a unique look
Fuji Instax Mini
A fun size instant camera
Fuji Instax Wide
Fuji’s larger sized instant, and the camera is quite large!
Holga 120
Have not used in a while, has a very cheap lens and made of plastic
Sony RX100
Nice small compact camera
Fuji X100t
Absolutely amazing camera and a joy to use
Sony A7ii & Sony/Zeiss 35mm Lens
such a great full frame digital with great lens in a small package

Published by pauldavidkemp

I am a photographer and tutor of photography at Morley college London

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